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Casa Querencia

-noun | /keˈɾenθja/ : A place from which one's strength is dawn, where one feels at home, the place where you are your most authentic self.

You wake up and hear the birds singing while you open the curtains. Immediately you’re enjoying a breath taking view of grazing wild fawns on the edge of the picturesque Sint-Sixtus woods.  While enjoying the experience, you notice that you start getting hungry. No worries! We got you covered with our extensive breakfast, ready for you each morning. Furthermore,  you can enjoy the spacious garden, that offers a new colour palette each season. You cannot imagine a better start  of the new day.

How your day continues is completely up to you. Do you want to relax in the sauna? Swim laps in the pool? Or will you put on your hiking boots to discover the beautiful region? There is something for everyone! Of course  we also have our garden: the place to be to enjoy nature and each other, preferably accompanied by a refreshing drink.

You probably already figured it out. At Casa Querencia you can fully relax. It is a unique home, where everyone can be themselves.

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